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Innovation Capture

Before you invest in protecting your intellectual property, you need to have a full record of what your innovations are and an understanding of their value to your business. An Innovation Capture session can achieve this, and will assist in identifying those inventions worth protecting and the best means of doing this, either through the filing of patents, keeping as trade secrets, or publishing to prevent others from securing a patent. Additionally, once you have established a catalogue of inventions, we can work with you to capture the most promising inventions in detail on our Invention Disclosure Record template and work with your team to expedite the patent filing process.

The value of an invention management program

An invention management program enables you to successfully capture all new intellectual property and protect your investments and innovations. Furthermore, it establishes an effective filing process for your organisation. IP is never a ‘one size fits all’ approach and rarely is it appropriate to simply patent everything, everywhere, immediately. A ‘tiered’ approach can help your organisation build a cost-effective strategy. Inventions may be prioritized in order of importance to your business and a different filing plan may be devised for different tiers. For example, inventions that are categorized as top tier may be fast-tracked through prosecution in key jurisdictions to achieve maximum protection. On the other hand, filings for medium or low-tiered inventions may be delayed to provide more time to further assess their commercial value or simply to delay cost.

Training for your employees is included in the IP management program so they can better identify when they have invented something of value and so they don’t underestimate their invention’s potential. A sound IP management program helps guide employees throughout the process of invention capture by encouraging them to disclose their ideas, providing a simple process on how and where to submit new concepts and assistance in conducting prior art searches and the like.

How ClearViewIP helps you capture your inventions and make the most of your R&D

ClearViewIP helps you Identify and record your inventions so you can be sure to make the most effective use of your resources and protect your intellectual assets. Our independent assessment of your technology, combined with our IP expertise, helps you ensure you have a full and consistent record of your innovation, and that inventions are protected effectively with minimal impact on your time and resources. We help you create complete records for all your inventions, so you have usable proof of ownership. These records help create cross-team awareness, which stimulates further innovation. We also help you assess and rank invention records according to business and technology value criteria and validate novelty and value assessments by prior art searches and patent landscape review.

In some instance, our clients outsource their whole invention capture process to us and direct us to handle capturing information from inventors, ranking inventions, validating novelty, and writing up full invention disclosures. This allows an IP manager to have a more birds-eye/managerial view of the process, as well as giving the benefit of independent opinions on their inventions. Additionally, we assist in preparing detailed invention disclosures and coordinating the patent application process on your behalf.

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