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Rely on our experienced IP professionals to complement your in-house capabilities

IP Skills on Demand

For some of our clients, we provide IP support to their existing in-house legal and IP teams and in some cases we are the IP department. We work as a dedicated IP resource providing a range of support from our advanced research and analytics capabilities, through project management and coordination of day-to-day activities, to CIPO advisory efforts. With our industry skills and track record, we are able to provide research, analysis, and IP management strategies that help ensure our clients are getting the most value out of their IP investments. Our IP Skills on Demand have been applied on a number of projects including:

  • Patent Research and Analytics
  • IP Risk Management and Mitigation
  • IP Portfolio Optimization
  • Innovation Capture
  • IP Strategy
  • IP Brokerage services

How you benefit from outsourced IP services

Results are achieved more quickly when you have a dedicated resource focused on a particular goal. Even if you have a successful IP department, they may be highly skilled at identifying valuable innovations, but they may lack the bigger picture analysis skills that can ensure your innovations are achieving maximum value. If you don’t have your own IP team in place, having a resource like ClearViewIP on hand allows you to focus on your business goals and address your IP questions and concerns when they come up instead of having to maintain your own in-house resources and fixed costs.

What you can expect from ClearViewIP

Experience is the number one thing we provide as an IP resource. Our consultants and analysts work across various business sectors and demographics and have a broad understanding of the potential impact IP can have on your success. By utilizing our quantitative and qualitative IP Skills, you gain an efficient approach to researching and analyzing the IP related to your business and proven strategies to help maximize your R&D efforts. All of our service offerings are tailored to meet your specific needs. With our IP Skills on Demand offering, we work as an additional resource to your in-house team, or as your main IP resource, as you need us when you need us.

ClearViewIP is an International Intellectual Property Consulting and Brokerage firm providing IP strategy, management and transaction services across a wide range of market and technology sectors to leading companies across the globe.

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