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Licensing your IP

ClearViewIP has a wide range of experience in unlocking value through IP licensing. Be it early-stage technology where partnering with a large corporate entity can pay dividends, or extracting returns from underutilized patent assets, we focus on helping you understand where your IP fits in the broader competitive market, plan a strategy around maximizing the value of your IP and assist you in getting licensees on board.

How to get the most value from licensing your IP

To maximise the value of your IP and unlock revenue through licensing, you need to have an understanding of what your IP is worth and have a strategy around how you want to commercialize it. Utilizing a third-party IP resource like ClearViewIP will give you an unbiased perspective and will enable you to explore (at arms length), higher risk and higher return options.  Our staff is very experienced with negotiating licensing agreements and is well positioned to assist you in this process.

  • Understand your IP and Market Landscape – Firstly, we assess the IP and Market Landscape to understand the positioning of your technology or patents, develop the value proposition based on technology benefits, infringement potential and then identify prospects.
  • Determine Commercialisation Strategies – We then help to establish appropriate objectives, timescales and risk factors, to produce a shortlist of potential strategies matching your needs.
  • Build Financial Models – We create custom, dynamic financial models to quantitatively assess the merits of the commercialisation strategies, including the expected revenue your IP could generate, and enable you to use the models as a tool in licensing negotiations.
  • Assist Negotiations – Finally, acting as an independent third party or as part of your team, we can prepare and conduct negotiations and close deals.

How ClearViewIP helps you with your IP licensing strategy

ClearViewIP works with you to understand your commercial licensing goals and timescales, your appetite for risk and your decision-making process. We then assess your IP assets in detail. In the case of patents, we’ll suggest licensing hypotheses, identify products using your patents and collate “Evidence of Use” materials to demonstrate infringement. We then assess the market value of the “in use” patents and recommend alternative licensing approaches in line with your goals, timescales, and risk appetite. In the case of technology, we will identify market sectors and companies that are likely to need the technology and develop collateral to explain the market relevance, value proposition and engagement model that can bring value to the licensee. We can also advise on appropriate royalty rates and commercial business models to unlock the value. This advice is supplemented by our financial licensing models which are built to your specific requirements. The models are dynamic and can be altered in real time to reflect the developments in the terms of the agreement during negotiations.

More information on ClearViewIP’s valuation models

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