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ClearViewIP provides full-service IP support for every stage of the process. Our services can complement your in-house IP team and counsel or provide the capability of an entire outsourced IP department. From managing complex IP portfolios to mergers and acquisitions, our experience and expertise will help you build value in your business. We offer customised services across a wide range of market and technology sectors.

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IP Strategy for Startups IP Strategy

We assist startups with capturing and maximising the value of their intangible assets. Stand out from the competition by building a valuable IP portfolio the proves the quality and market value of your innovations.

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Intellectual Property Portfolio Management Portfolio Management

Patent portfolio management allows you to capitalise on your innovations by creating a better understanding of the depth of your portfolio and where your innovations may be leveraged.

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Intellectual Property Due Diligence in Mergers & Acquisitions Transactions & Monetization

We provide you with a thorough analysis of what IP you are gaining, its alignment to the business in question, and any areas you may wish to improve post deal completion.

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IP Audit IP Strategy

ClearViewIP can provide a full inventory of your IP assets and capabilities by evaluating the IP your business owns, uses, or has acquired and helps you assess and manage every area of IP within your organization.

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Patent Brokerage Transactions & Monetization

Patent sales allow owners to recover R&D investments as well as patent filing and maintenance fees on patents that are no longer used by the business.

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Intellectual Property Research & Analytics IP Strategy

Our team of highly skilled analysts and consultants utilize proprietary analytics techniques to deliver valuable insights through in-depth reports and provide you with a detailed strategy to move forward.

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IP Strategy & Operating Plan IP Strategy

A technology business does not have a business plan without an IP Strategy. Assessing the IP risk, competitor behaviour and your current position informs a comprehensive IP Strategy that can deliver great business results.

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Portfolio Evaluation & Optimization Portfolio Management

Identify where your IP Portfolio is positioned within your industry and what you need to create or obtain to stay ahead of your competition.

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IP Valuation Transactions & Monetization

An IP Valuation is an estimate of what your IP is worth and is highly beneficial when you are seeking a licensing opportunity, are part of a merger, or are looking for funding.

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Competitive Intelligence IP Strategy

By assessing your business from a technology and IP perspective, reviewing your existing portfolio and that of your competitors we make sure you have the right cost effective IP strategy for your business.

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Strategic Patent Acquisition Transactions & Monetization

Often the best way to build a defensive patent portfolio is to acquire specific patents that support your strategic business objectives and address your competitors' business as well.

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Innovation Capture Portfolio Management

An invention capture and management program helps you to identify and organize your intellectual property assets and enables you to protect your innovations and investments.

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IP Risk Management & Mitigation IP Strategy

Our integrated defence strategy has been instrumental in helping our clients identify IP related risks and implement proactive strategies to avoid potential risks.

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Patent Assertion, Litigation, & NPE Defence Portfolio Management

Being proactive and having a strategy in place in case you are ever faced with litigation can help you avoid costly settlements and business downtime.

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IP Licensing Transactions & Monetization

Understand where your IP fits in the broader competitive market and plan a strategy around maximizing the value of your IP.

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IP Skills on Demand Portfolio Management

IP Skills on Demand is a dedicated IP resource that allows you to utilize our advanced research and analytics skills and experience to help support your long-term business objectives as an extension to your existing team.

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