Strategic IP advisory helping companies capitalise on their intangible assets to achieve outstanding commercial results.

What We Do

ClearViewIP is a leading global strategic Intellectual Property consulting and brokerage firm. Based in Europe, our focus is to help our clients make more of their innovation, implement effective IP processes, build and strengthen their IP portfolios, and better assess, value, and monetize their intangible assets.

Our IP strategy, management, and transactional services have helped businesses capture, evaluate, optimise and leverage their intangible assets across a wide range of market and technology sectors. By helping companies better understand their competitive IP position, we assist our clients in building value, managing risk, and unlocking additional income streams within their existing business.

Track Record

Founded in 2007, ClearViewIP has worked with clients across many industry sectors, including Technology, Media, Telecommunications, Automotive, Biotech and Chemicals.

We have leveraged over a decade of experience delivering IP Consulting Services and the globally-recognised expertise of our directors, consultants, and analysts, to help clients across the globe, develop, manage and exploit their IP assets with outstanding commercial results.

At our clients’ disposal, the ClearViewIP team includes CIPOs, business builders, licensing executives, and technologists with decades of experience, working with multinational FTSE and Fortune 100 companies, as well as SMEs and academic institutions.

$46B Average annual revenue of top 5 clients
>22k Average patent portfolio of top 20 clients

The ClearViewIP Team

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