Strategic IP Licensing

Increases in revenue achieved through strategic IP licensing

Revenue generation opportunities created through strategic IP licensing

The client, a leading national telecommunications service provider has a history of developing ground-breaking R&D which has resulted in a seminal and substantial patent portfolio with an abundance of market applications. To maximize their portfolio revenue, they wanted to identify aggressive targets and create approach strategies to maximize their annual patent licensing income. To do this, they needed to create new licensing programs which included the discovery of market applications for different patent clusters, the development of strong licensing arguments, the valuation of income potential, and the identification of potential licensees to approach.

licensing opportunities in traditional and non-traditional markets identified with in-depth technical analysis

For the client to maximize their licensing revenue, they needed to fully understand and identify potential licensing opportunities. This included looking outside their traditional telecommunications market. ClearViewIP helped the client mine their existing patent portfolio to develop new licensing hypotheses that included areas not traditionally pursued by the client. From there, valuation arguments for licensing programs were clearly defined and developed.

Potential licensees were discovered through in-depth technical analysis that demonstrated the illegitimate use of the client’s patents. Compelling valuation arguments with supporting documentation were developed to assist the client with their licensing campaigns.

Licensing program leads to multi-million dollar royalty payments on an annual basis

The client has been working with ClearViewIP for over six years on various projects. Over that time, the client has been able to create seven new licensing programs in diverse areas including cloud, enterprise software, multimedia, and security. Through this particular effort, they were able to identify five new licensees, each making multi-million dollar royalty payments on an annual basis.

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