Strategic Patent Acquisition

Royalty rates rising and threats from NPEs leads company to explore new IP strategies

Royalty rates and NPE demands trigger new IP strategy

The client, a publicly listed Nordic consumer electronics firm found themselves facing significant cost pressures based on previously negotiated royalties from pre-existing licensors. They were also facing new royalty demands from non-practices entities (NPEs). At the same time, they were expanding the business into new product areas where they had limited IP protection. They wanted to offset their royalty spending by strategically acquiring patents to relieve them of having to pay their licensors. At the same time, they wanted to acquire patents that would strengthen their portfolio position in the new markets they were looking to enter.

Targeted IP acquisition program leads to improved market position and reduced spending

With the help of ClearViewIP, the client developed a targeted patent acquisition program to fill in the gaps of their existing patent portfolio. ClearViewIP helped them do this by thoroughly examining their existing patent portfolio and comparing it against their future goals and needs. With a clearly defined goal of mitigating risk and reducing costs, the client was able to identify and acquire patents that helped them meet their objective and strengthen their position.

Strengthened IP portfolio leads to reduced licensing fees and overall risk from NPEs

The client worked with ClearViewIP for over three years on this effort. In that time, they were able to negotiate the purchases of multiple portfolios which in turn led to multi-million dollars in savings. With the newly acquired patents, they were also able to fend-off new licensing demands. Their portfolio became very focused and fully aligned with the company’s business goals.

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