Strategic Patent Sale

Client achieves increased revenue through strategic patent sale while reducing portfolio costs and improving portfolio value

Rising portfolio costs lead to IP evaluation and optimization efforts

The client was in a position where their patent portfolio costs were increasing and they knew portions of their IP portfolio had little or no benefit to the company. They also were cognizant of the limited shelf-life of their patent assets. They wanted to have a clear picture of their assets, their value to the organization and they wanted to extract more value from their assets through patent sales to offset their rising portfolio costs.

Strategic analysis and portfolio optimization project uncovers assets valuable to potential buyers

The first step was to mine the client’s patent portfolio and to identify potentially valuable patents that have no strategic value to the business. From there, the patents that were identified as valuable were clustered into marketable offerings. Those clusters were packaged to include marketing collateral and technical evidence of their value. From there, potential buyers were identified and approached.

Sale of non-integral intangible assets leads to 4 million dollars in revenue

Within two years, the client was able to achieve three outright patent sale deals at a value of a little over 4 million dollars. This was about 5 times what they spent on the initial project with ClearViewIP.

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