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June 8, 2017


Patent Trolls Driven out of Texas

Fighting to Stay in

Patent Trolls in east Texas

The Story

Traditionally, US patent owners have been allowed to enforce their patents in any court. This might sound trivial, but it actually has a profound effect on the outcome, with PwC finding patent holders’ win rates varying hugely from court to court, with East Texas standing out as the NPE’s favourite due to the high win rate. Recently, this model has been dealt a blow as the US Supreme Court ruled that cases can only be heard where a defendant is based or where it “has committed acts of infringement and has a regular and established place of business.” However, East Texas is so strongly favoured that Uniloc has made big efforts to have their case against Google heard in East Texas, throwing maps of Google’s office locations in with the complaint to justify keeping the case in their favourite battleground.

Why it is Interesting

NPEs losing the ability to have every case heard in East Texas was seen as a major blow to their business, and a move towards a system which was less plaintiff-biased. However, if they are successful in having their case against Google heard in East Texas it could be a return to the status quo, at least for all those with offices in East Texas.

How Dense are Inventors?

New WIPO report shows how close inventors are to each other


The Story

WIPO just released a fascinating study of innovators to show where they are located, in a way that goes far beyond the usual “colour the whole country in” methodology that traditional studies employ. Instead, WIPO took the location of inventors from their addresses in 2010-2015 PCT data and transformed them into geo-coordinates using the Google Maps API. They then performed clustering measurements on these coordinates and were thus able to highlight particularly dense areas of innovation.

Why it is Interesting

Given that innovation happens at the sub-national level, it’s worth looking at the resulting maps at a subnational level too. There are some obvious results one would expect, such as Japan’s high-tech industry and dense population giving rise to Tokyo-Yokohama appearing as the biggest cluster, and that Google’s HQ is ranked third, but looking at the maps themselves you can see some interesting  shapes around these cities too, such as how in the UK the whole of London is connected to Cambridge via “strands” of innovation in Hertfordshire, and that Germany has so many of its major cities featured. Anyone looking to move to an innovative location could do very well out of this map.

 News and Events to Share

Valea Hosting IP Breakfast Seminar

ClearViewIP will be presenting at a breakfast seminar at Valea in Gothenburg on June 15. At this event, ClearViewIP will be discussing the valuable role your IP plays when you are seeking funding, planning a merger, a joint venture, or when you are considering either licensing or selling your IP. The presentation will be given by Dr. Robin Walton, Lead Consultant for ClearViewIP.

LES B&I Event

LES Britain & Ireland’s IP Strategy Committee invite you to their Interactive Workshop “Innovation & IP through Growth, M&A and Exit”

Wednesday, 5th of July 2017
16:00 for 16:30 start
Hilton Cambridge City Centre, Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3DT
(Click here for directions)

Register here

Tech Open Air

ClearViewIP will be attending Tech Open Air Berlin July 13 and 14. We look forward to meeting many innovative people and companies while we’re there.

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