ASTP Annual Conference 2013

June 4, 2013
CEO Jon Calvert

IP Strategy for TTOs

On 22nd May The Association of European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals (ASTP) invited ClearViewIP’s MD Jon Calvert along to moderate a panel at their annual conference in Vienna.

ASTP is one of a handful of organisations that support Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) across Europe and their members currently reside in over 38 European countries. The conference was filled with over 250 delegates, from Europe’s leading TTOs, sharing best industry practices amongst universities and research institutes internationally.

Jon was delighted to be asked to moderate a panel representing IP Strategy entitled “Brainstorm, build value and help create a strong IP portfolio in your TTO”. The panel was comprised of a mix of international commercial and legal perspectives, with Jon being joined by US IP Attorney Thomas Moga of Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Norwegian IP Manager Sumit Luthra of TTO Bergen and New Zealand based Kate Wilson, Partner at James & Wells Intellectual Property. The session was very well attended with some insightful audience participation during the Q&A,

One of the most notable and inspiring key speeches of the conference was given by Andreas Gall, CTO and Co-CEO of Red Bull Media House GmbH. “Red Bull are primarily known for supplying their carbonated energy drink and sponsoring extreme sports,” said Jon, “but behind the media show is an inspirational culture focussed on innovation, “giving wings” to new ideas and rather than asking ‘Why?’ starting each new venture with ‘Why not?’ This is how you get mankind to freefall from space and a movie quality camera to soar above the Tyrol on the back of an Eagle!”


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