Benoit Geurts Navigates Patent Bazaar at LES

July 2, 2013
This years' LES Pan European Conference took place in Davos, a town situated in the Swiss Alps that boasts an impressive landscape comprised of both mountain views and countryside. Senior IP Consultant, Benoit Geurts, was invited along to partake in a panel discussion at the event and joined almost 300 other delegates from 30 countries, all leaders in intellectual property, licensing and technology transfer. One of the key strategic issues raised at the conference was how to manage the IP department as a profit centre. The dominant views were that for advanced, in-house IP departments this was entirely possible but for other companies, the key to achieving this is in communicating the value of IP to senior management when there is no clear price tag. Tax and IP was also a hot topic, as would be expected following the launch of the Patent Box early this year and the recent high levels of media attention paid to corporate tax compliance. Discussions surrounding company structures and national initiatives dominated these debates and highlighted the varying approaches of European countries. The panel, entitled 'Navigating the Patent Bazaar', saw Benoit represent the role of the intermediary in enabling and facilitating patent transactions; highlighting the important factors that can lead to a deal. Julian Nolan, CEO of Swiss company Iprova, provided an overview of the market place, examining the different roles involved in transactions, coupled with his IP valuation insight; whilst Dan Richardson of Intellectual Ventures presented their strategy, deliberating on how they help to increase liquidity in the market. With standing room only, the panel was certainly well attended as the three IP experts compared the different business models of the companies they represent. ClearViewIP have strong ties with LES, with one of our Directors, Colin Hunsley, on the board of LES UK B&I. We therefore welcomed the opportunity to once again be at the heart of the debate at yet another successful LES event. ClearViewIP Ltd welcomes speaking opportunities. To find out more about ClearVIewIP speaking at your upcoming event, please contact or for information on how ClearViewIP can help your business, feel free to contact us.

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