Brussels IMEC: La Grande Place for Technology

May 31, 2013
Brussels for IP event
Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the IMEC Technology Forum held in Brussels. IMEC, the world renowned research institution, hosted the event which focused on the latest advances in technology, ranging from healthcare to semiconductors. The overarching theme was open-mindedness, collaboration and Sum of Minds, which saw discussions on where and how the latest technological advancements merged. Popular in technology circles, the event was packed with over 500 delegates from across the globe. With keynotes from Research and Engineering Executives from Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm, Renesas, Johns Hopkins, Total, and the like, it was truly a who's who of engineering. The event was the prime platform for new technologies; in particular, the latest advancements within semiconductors and nano-technology manufacturing were showcased. The main topic of the event was how ICT can be used in new areas to make society work smarter and increase people’s quality of life. The two most discussed topics were smart healthcare and smart energy. Within healthcare, everyone agreed that m-Health is currently key in the industry and is seen by many as a catalyst for lowering costs; a key concern. Within smart energy, the main discussion points were the promise of improvementsphotovoltaics and the importance of storing energy. The two day event was very informative and the new technological advancements were certainly impressive. With intellectual property so key to technological innovation, we always welcome the opportunity to attend such conferences. Marcus Malek IP Consultant To read ClearViewIP’s previous IP reports on these hot topics, please follow the links below: Home Health Diagnostics, Microfluidics & IP Photovoltaics & IP

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