China Focuses on High-Tech R&D

June 25, 2012
Wenlong Qian

China – on its way to ‘Innovation Leader’

25th June 2012

China’s shift into high-tech R&D and the current patent accumulation should give Western governments and companies pause for thought. As such, Western companies need to rethink their approach to building and protecting their IP assets in their global operations. In particular, competing with Chinese entities in terms of volume may not be practical or sensible, but Western companies should learn to manage their IP effectively in this environment, by concentrating on quality rather than quantity.

ClearViewIP is an Intellectual Property Consultancy providing a range of services to help companies monitor, expand and better understand their IP portfolio and its position within the industry. To identify an IP strategy for filing overseas it is necessary to understand the differences in IP activity across other global regions. This particular report takes a look at the patent landscape in China and how it has evolved over the past decade.

Understanding the patent landscape surrounding your business can identify new areas in the competitive market and new regions in which to file; by considering the impact of Intellectual Property in your industry, you can gain an advantage in developing business and technology strategies to place yourselves ahead of the competition.

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