ClearViewIP Attends IPBC

June 28, 2010
Staff Member Gopikkaa Kanthasamy

ClearViewIP Attends IPBC 2010

28th June 2010

Following re-election to the IAM 250 and to further understand the emerging trends in the IP environment, Jon Calvert recently attended the IPBC in Munich The event was extremely well attended with over 450 delegates from around the globe and 70 expert speakers covering a wide range of subjects, including: Non-Practicing Entities (a passionate debate ensued, as expected); the various steps being taken to attempt to simplify and reduce the cost of Patent Protection in Europe (which despite substantial efforts over more than three decades have yet to reach conclusion); and the challenges SMEs face in affording any protection at all - and in the event they do, the difficulty they have in enforcing their rights. It was also exciting to learn how larger corporations (including GSK, GE, and Phillips) approach IP as a profit centre, each adopting very different strategies that are tailored to their business needs. A wide range of views was expressed, and it became ever clearer that a "one size fits all" approach to IP strategy, IP Portfolio Management, and Commercialisation will not hack it! During a breakout session with some of the 88 members of the "Interested in INTIPSA" linked-in group, the need to develop a capable team of advisors with experience of a wide range of IP issues in real live businesses was identified. In addition, the desire to create a forum where best practice behaviours can be shared for the greater good, was seen as a key focus area for the coming months. ClearViewIP looks forward to attending the event in 2011 in San Francisco.

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