ClearViewIP Cross the Pond for IPBC 2013

June 13, 2013
IPBC Boston

IPBC 2013

Each year, at the start of the summer, IP Strategists worldwide come together to learn, debate and educate on the latest topics affecting the industry. This year, 600+ IP Consultants and industry professionals, many of whom have recently been recognised as leaders in their field by IAM300, gathered in Boston for the Intellectual Property Business Conference 2013. One of those IAM300 listed IP Strategists attending was ClearViewIP's MD Jon Calvert who was joined by Senior IP Consultant, Josue Ortiz. Boston is known for being an innovative centre with a strong economic base in business and professional services. Placed among the Top 30 most economically powerful cities in the world, this was a great location for IPBC 2013. The conference was attended by representatives from operating companies, service providers, Patent Pools and NPEs, although various new terminologies were coined for those identified as non-practising entities. Finance personnel were strong in number, looking for a model to invest in IP, but evidence of a coherent offering seemed weak. There was strong emphasis placed throughout on the role of the CIPO and it was the CIPO led sessions, from companies such as Caterpillar, Ingersoll Rand, Nokia, TomTom and Kodak, that provided the highlights of the conference. With Obama's recent proposal for combatting patent trolls announced just as IPBC got underway, this was a hot topic of debate at the conference, alongside the legislative changes in the US. With changes in the US patent system raising interest in the European courts (particularly from NPEs), the impending European unified patent system was also a key discussion point. The event was once again supported by INTIPSA (The International IP Strategists Association), a not-for-profit organisation co-founded by Jon Calvert, to provide support and education to IP Strategists. As expected, there was considerable focus on, IP Strategy, particularly with larger management consulting firms starting to advise in this area; however some doubt was cast as to whether such firms have thedepth of expertise for such niche consultancy work. Despite this, there was plenty of evidence to support the need for IP Strategy, with the companies who are utilising a strategy and assigning adequate budget and staff to IP, really leading the way in terms of IP optimisation. The explosion of Analytical Tools was also evident at the conference, with various companies boasting software with patent analytical capabilities. As an IP Consultancy with a strong analytical focus, ClearViewIP recognises the role such tools have in supporting the deployment of human experience and expertise. Outside of the conference, Jon and Josue were also able to make use of their time across the pond by visiting existing clients and closing two new business contracts. Coupled with the announcement that both Jon and our Commercialisation Director, Colin Hunsley, have once again been recognised as leading IP Strategists, it has certainly been a great week for ClearViewIP.

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