ClearViewIP Establishes Local Presence in Sydney Australia

September 30, 2015

ClearViewIP is now in Sydney Australia

Monday, Sept 30, 2015

SYDNEY — ClearViewIP, the UK based IP Strategy and Consultancy firm, announced today they are extending their international reach and providing a local presence in Sydney, Australia. ClearViewIP’s international expansion is being managed by experienced IP Specialist, Chhavi Bhandari and is backed with the full support of the ClearViewIP team in the UK. The Sydney location was selected as ClearViewIP’s first non-UK based location due to its rich innovation culture and its location allowing ClearViewIP to better serve the Australian, New Zealand and Asian markets.

ClearViewIP began its expansion project into Australia in June, 2015 with Chhavi Bhandari leading an exploratory business development effort. Bhandari has been with ClearViewIP for a little over three years and will be responsible for establishing and leading the Sydney office. A former consultant with Ernst & Young, Bhandari has a strong background in IP commercialization and IP analysis specifically in the high-tech and med-tech sectors.

From a business development perspective, the Australian and New Zealand market is exciting and there is a strong need for innovative companies to properly manage their IP assets in a way that best captures the monetization potential of their intellectual property. ClearViewIP has clients in all of the major markets including the EU, US, China, and Japan giving them the experience and insights necessary to help customers develop a strong international IP strategy and make informed pragmatic commercial decisions.

“ClearViewIP is a recognized and well respected IP consultancy. Though based in the UK, our brand is well known internationally and after eight years of successfully delivering high-quality services to our clients, we believe it’s time to expand our footprint,” shares Managing Director and co-founder, Jon Calvert. “Our customer base is international, so it only makes sense that we begin opening offices in strategic locations to better serve our existing clients and meet the needs of new ones.”

ClearViewIP maintains its official headquarters in Winchester, UK with analysts and consultants strategically located in London, Liverpool and now Sydney.


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