ClearViewIP Expands Analyst team

June 2, 2010

ClearViewIP Expands Analyst Team

2nd June 2010

ClearViewIP expands analyst team by adding another Technology Analyst, taking the research and analysis support resource for the Directors up to three full-time executives.

Barry Welch joined us from Dstl – The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory which provides the key focus for science and technology within the UK Ministry of Defence. He has a joint BSc in Physics and Mathematics, and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Southampton.

This expansion of our team augments the capabilities of our existing Analysts: David Steynor and Ken Reynolds. David joined ClearViewIP in early 2009, applying his MEng in Engineering Science from University College, Oxford to the varied work of the company. Ken was recruited later in 2009 to add his MEngSc and PhD in Microelectronic Engineering, from University College Cork in Ireland. Ken’s varied project management and commercialization experiences while at the University round out the team’s skill set.

This combination of a group of highly capable and intelligent Analysts supporting the breadth and considerable experience of the Directors allows ClearViewIP to deliver results and add value in our client engagements.

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