London Patent Summit 2013

October 13, 2013
London Patent Summit 2013

ClearViewIP Sponsors London Patent Summit 2013

On the 7th October 2013, over one hundred prominent intellectual property experts from industry and private practice gathered at the London Stock Exchange for the 2nd London Patent Summit. ClearViewIP was proud to be an industry partner of the two-day event which saw delegates from across the globe discussing current hot topics in IP. The recently introduced UK Patent Box regime was inevitably a key subject, as were the continued discussions surrounding whether a Single European Unitary Patent is feasible. Finance was also hotly debated - apt given the Summit's location - with discussions surrounding investment, funding, insurance and valuation. In fact, it was interesting to see the presence of a number of underwriters at the event, specialising in intellectual property, with IP as a valuable asset becoming increasingly of interest within the finance community. ClearViewIP were pleased to be able to host the closing panel of the Summit that focused primarily on patent Commercialisation. Senior IP Consultant, Josue Ortiz, led the session and was joined by Asia-specialist, Don Merino - MD of Transpacific IP; Biotec expert, Nicola Baker-Munton - CEO of Strategem IPM; and, from industry, Gavin Clarke - VP Licensing EMEA at Rovi Corp, a US-based digital entertainment technology leader. The all-encompassing IP commercialisation topic was entitled: 'M&A, IPO, Joint Ventures, Licensing Agreements, Selling, Buying and Auctioning IP', which gave the team a great chance to draw on their individual experiences across the varying technology sectors and geographic markets. When asked by a member of the audience what a company can do to improve 'licensing' potential as a form of commercialisation, all panel members agreed that IP Strategy, due diligence and detailed analytical and market research played a vital role in the success of this and other commercialisation avenues. With the Summit's sole focus on patents as a valuable asset this year, the event is set to expand further next year with their rebranding as the London IP Summit for 2014 - focussing on all areas of intellectual property. As industry partners of the event, the platform provided a great opportunity for ClearViewIP to present some of the recent work of our team of Technology Analysts who regularly produce patent landscapeson technology areas of interest. We were also able to offer a Free Patent Landscape Competition whereby delegates could enter the draw for a chance to win a patent landscape report on their industry sector. The winner was selected at random this week, with the winning business card having been entered by Dr Kai-Uwe Clauswitz, Senior IP Manager at Umicore, a materials technology group. We look forward to working with Umicore on this project.

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