Colin Hunsley Presents at LES

March 22, 2012
Staff Member Colin Hunsley

Colin Hunsley Presents ‘The Perfect Portfolio’ at Licensing Executive Society

22nd March 2012

On 22nd March 2012, Colin Hunsley, our Commercialisation Director, presented a seminar for the Licensing Executives Society, Britain and Ireland, in London. The presentation, sponsored by Charles Russel LLC, was entitled ‘The Perfect Portfolio’ and covered key areas to achieving the perfect IP portfolio, including:

  • Patent Landscaping
  • Innovation Capture
  • Patent Acquisition
  • Joining Aggregators
  • Patent Check Ups
  • Divergence

As Commercialisation Director, a key aspect of Colin’s work is managing the alignment of the patent portfolio with the requirements of the client’s business. This is realised by challenging how their portfolio contributes to achieving their strategic business objectives and then determining further revenue opportunities through the sale or licensing of patents. This process has given Colin exposure to a number of international patent portfolios and the differing strategies that companies have in developing and managing them.

Colin is a council member for LES B&I and regularly presents on the topic of Intellectual Property for the Licensing Executives Society, internationally. More recently, Colin has been recognised as one of the World’s Leading IP Strategists by his appointment to IAM 300.

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