Electric and Hybrid Vehicles & IP

June 2, 2011
Electric Car

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles & IP

2nd June 2011

ClearViewIP watches the developments in technology across a range of market sectors with an eye to the effects and influence of Intellectual Property. The historical development and future direction of electric and hybrid vehicles was the focus of a recent study, examining the considerable growth in the number of patents in the field. The study identifies key patent holders, looks at how different companies are focusing their patent strategies in relation to electric and hybrid vehicles, and compares citations of older and newer patents to identify emerging players. Understanding the patent landscape surrounding your business and its key technologies can throw new light onto the competitive market; by considering the impact of IP you can gain an advantage in developing business and technology strategy that can't be reached through other approaches. For more information on this study or to find out how we can help you, please contact ClearViewIP at 0845 6801953 orinfo@clearviewip.com. Read full article here

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