Engineering Design Show 2012: Is Intellectual Property a Taboo?

October 15, 2012
Engineering Design Show

Engineering Design Show 2012

On 10th October 2012, ClearViewIP’s Managing Director Jon Calvert was invited to speak on a panel at the Engineering Design Show 2012 entitled ‘IP – what is it worth?’. The panel was hosted by D Young & Co and Jon joined a partner of the firm, Nigel Robinson, alongside the Managing Director of BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre, James Baker, and Editor of Eureka Magazine, Paul Fanning.

One highlight of the discussion, included talk of the recently introduced ‘Patent Box‘ regime which allows companies in the UK with qualifying patents to apply a significantly reduced corporation tax rate to related income. The panel shared the view that while this is a significant step, it is a “post-event” benefit and does not go far enough to incentivise small and medium size businesses to invest in costly patent protection. There was a collective view that more up-front incentives could be provided by Government for SMEs.

Another key topic explored was the lack of Intellectual Property education in schools and University courses. It was clear from the audience participation (representing some of the leading Engineering Designers in the country) that few had any real exposure to IP in practice, nor experience of where it may fit within the business strategy of their employers and the impact it should have on their own work patterns.

Although improvements are being made to the IP filing systems in the UK, there is still some way to go in relation to IP education. ClearViewIP hope that speaking at events such as this will help raise awareness of the importance of Intellectual Property and its relevance to the Design and R&D communities.

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