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June 12, 2017
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Intellectual Property Strategy: A Practical Guide to IP Management

We are very pleased to see the book Intellectual Property Strategy: A Practical Guide to IP Management is now available for purchase. Our team here at ClearViewIP provided the chapter on Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs). Colin Hunsley and Josue Ortiz were the main authors and were supported by Tim Butler, Tim Higgs and Andrew Killeen who all contributed as researchers. The chapter is a deep dive into the history and activities of NPEs including trends, defensive strategies, collaboration opportunities, and suggestions for successful engagements. 

“It is not often that we are involved in writing books but this was an excellent opportunity to share our experience of working with a recent trend in Intellectual Property that has often reached the headlines. Our experience ranges from helping clients defend themselves from NPE approaches to working with them to help receive the maximum value when selling IP to NPEs. This has given us an insight rare to many. Our hope is that this chapter will help demystify the NPE and enable companies to prepare for them just as they would any other identified risk/opportunity factor.”
Colin Hunsley 

“NPEs have been forced to adapt to recent legislative changes and they are in a state of flux. It is therefore essential to understand where they have come from in order to discern their future direction. As with any disruptive industry development, this is an area that companies need to monitor in order to respond effectively. That is what IP Strategy is all about: incorporating all facets of IP into the business agenda to protect and increase enterprise value.”
Josue Ortiz

Intellectual Property Strategy: A Practical Guide to IP Management by Alexa… via @AmazonUK

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