May 26, 2011
CEO Jon Calvert

ClearViewIP Welcomes the Launch of the International IP Strategists Association (INTIPSA)

26th May 2011

ClearViewIP welcomes the launch of INTIPSA earlier today. The establishment of this Association creates a much-needed forum for championing the importance of Intellectual Property strategy to successful businesses. We are delighted to be involved in its formation.

ClearViewIP CEO and INTIPSA Co-chair Jon Calvert said, “The creation of INTIPSA will help business leaders integrate IP strategy into the core activities of their organisations and make sure the value of their IP is fully understood and managed accordingly.”


INTIPSA is the international intellectual property strategy association. It is a non-profit members association bringing together individuals involved in IP globally. This group seeks to provide a discussion forum on hot topics affecting IP for members and those interested in INTIPSA.

INTIPSA’s main aim is to push IP strategy up the business agenda and provide a forum for professionals working in the field, both in-house and with service providers, to share their knowledge and experience and build on their careers.

You can also follow us on Twitter: @INTIPSA

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