Krakow IP Symposium 2012

September 10, 2012

Krakow IP Symposium 2012 – Raising the Intellectual Property Bar in Poland

ClearViewIP is an Intellectual Property Consultancy providing a range of services to help companies monitor, expand and better understand their IP portfolio and its position within their industry.

IP in Poland had previously been considered to be several years behind other leading European countries in terms of both IP and R&D, but changes in education efforts in recent years are beginning to highlight improvements. ClearViewIP’s Director of Commercialisation, Colin Hunsley, was invited to Krakow to take part in the 8th International Symposium of IP in an Innovative Economy hosted by The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

ClearViewIP looks at the patent filing landscape in Poland over recent years and draws comparisons with the UK and other international countries.

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