Krakow IP Symposium 2013

September 30, 2013

IP Commercialisation in Publicly Funded Research

Following the success of last year’s IP Symposium, Commercialisation Director Colin Hunsley was once again invited back to Krakow to partake in a panel at the IX Edition of the International Symposium of IP in an Innovative Economy. The annual event is organised collaboratively between the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, WIPO and a number of leading Polish Universities and Institutions.

The symposium was well attended by representatives from industry in Poland, who recognise the need to protect their intellectual property and have ambitions to commercialise it globally.

Accordingly, this year’s theme was ‘Turning Knowledge into Profit’ and Colin was invited to present on the topic of ‘Commercialising Publically Funded R&D‘. He was joined on the panel by Pat Frain, Chair of ProTon Europe, the European Knowledge Transfer Association, and Krzysztof Klincewicz, International Business Program Lecturer at Warsaw University. Using British examples, Colin was able to convey the potential opportunities for IP commercialisation within public institutions, through licensing or spin-outs, and the significant social and commercial benefits that can be created over time. However, it was shown that in patent filing trends, per country, of public R&D organisations, although Poland was somewhat behind the UK and US, they hold a stronger IP position than perhaps first anticipated. As aninternationally acclaimed IP Strategist, Colin was particularly keen to place emphasis upon innovation capture and securing ownership of IP.

Other themes that dominated the event included the valley of death in product development. The discussions explored how funding for this commercial scale-up remains elusive.

The event continues to build on its success year-on-year and once again showed Poland’s continued emphasis on IP education which is carried out with great enthusiasm.


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