Wearable Technology & IP: Fitness & Healthcare

August 28, 2014
The IP of Wearable Tech

The IP Landscape for Wearable Technology

Sales of smart glasses, watches and wristbands are predicted to reach 10 million units this year, generating approximately $3 billion in revenue. It has been widely observed that the medical and fitness industries are among the most popular areas where wearable technologies may have a significant impact. This report looks at the worldwide wearable technologies patent landscape with applications in the fitness and healthcare sectors. By studying patenting activity and systems used to monitor biomechanical, physiological and biochemical parameters we can begin to make informed predictions about the future of wearable devices.

Understanding the patent landscape surrounding your business can help to identify new areas in the competitive market; by considering the impact of Intellectual Property in your industry, you can gain an advantage in developing business and technology strategies to place yourselves ahead of the competition.

Read full report on the IP of wearable technology here

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