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Competitive Intelligence & IP Portfolio Benchmarking

Ensure your freedom to operate, uncover potential risks and avoid expensive mistakes

Before you enter new markets, it’s important that you have a full understanding of your competitive position particularly with respect to IP. ClearViewIP’s competitive intelligence service provides you with insights into what your competition is doing and helps ensure that you are not at risk from IP infringement when you develop a new product. We help you identify what your IP assets are and help you visualize and understand their value in relation to your competitive environment.  Early knowledge is vital; avoiding the problem is far less costly than fixing it after going to market, or worse still, fighting expensive litigation. Patents are a great source of marketing and technical information on the state of innovation within your industry. However, patent searches are labour intensive and interpretation of the scope of a patent requires specialist skills. It’s important to have well-trained IP strategy professionals working with you to know what questions to explore and how to utilize that patent data to your advantage.

What you can expect from ClearViewIP

We perform patent landscape searches for market and competitive analysis purposes to guide your innovators, maximising your freedom to operate and informing you on potential risks. We highlight your specific areas of innovation and where you should focus your own patent filing to maximise your impact on the market. Where IP is identified that you may need, we can help you to gain access to it. Each landscape is customized to meet your business objectives and to inform your IP Strategy. For example, a landscape may focus specifically on certain competitors or certain technological aspects. In some instances, a landscape of your portfolio may be required to provide an overview of your IP position. A patent landscape report from ClearViewIP is a deep dive into what you need to know to avoid risks and make valuable and informed decisions for your R&D efforts and business growth investments.

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