Our IP discovery service provides a holistic view of your IP assets

IP Discovery

Identify and catalogue your intellectual property assets to better assess process maturity, team capability and overall quality of your IP

ClearViewIP provides you with a full inventory of your IP assets by reviewing and evaluating the IP your business owns, uses, or has acquired. We help you review and assess every area of IP within your organization including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, designs, and copyrights to help you ensure they are managed correctly. Our IP discovery service helps you to systematically determine gaps in IP protection, ownership, conditions-of-use, overall IP risks and details of IP management issues and opportunities.

With a focus on your organization’s goals and needs, we provide detailed input and tactical advice on how to develop an IP strategy that is right for your business and is in line with your commercial interests and budget. We go beyond the basics of what you own and when you acquired it and include areas of IP you may not have considered such as your unregistered assets and know-how. We help you understand any ownership issues you may need to address and any conditions-of-use concerns you may be facing as well as the scope of protection for your IP.

Where is the value in the IP discovery process?

IP discovery is a valuable tool that helps you identify any IP you may not have evaluated properly and highlights areas for process improvement within your business. IP discovery will allow you to:

  • Fully understand what you own and its relationship to your company and industry
  • Understand third-party IP dependencies and their implications
  • Avoid loss of IP Rights and increase the value of your existing IP
  • Identify ways to align your overall IP strategy for your company
  • Identify critical processes or skills shortages
  • Identify potential profit opportunities and tax savings from your IP
  • Support due diligence efforts for mergers and acquisitions or IP-backed financing

What ClearViewIP delivers

We provide you with a full IP inventory and analysis so you understand the scope of what you have and how that aligns with your business goals. Once we’ve identified your IP inventory, we do a gap analysis to evaluate areas where you could be better protected and then we suggest ways to address these vulnerabilities. With our IP discovery service, you receive a complete report of your current IP portfolio and a strategy for moving forward that is in line with your commercial goals and budget.

ClearViewIP goes further than assessing the terms and legal understanding of your IP portfolio. We are a team of experienced business and IP professionals backed by technical data and patent analysts, which enables us to provide you with a strategic business perspective. We give you detailed actions you can take to improve your business profit and reduce overall IP risks.

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