IP is a critical part of any tech companies’ value

IP Due Diligence

Understand the true value of what you are investing in, or acquiring

One of the steps when considering a merger and acquisition is a thorough analysis of what IP the target company owns and what it needs to operate.  In addition, you need to know how that IP fits into your big-picture strategy. This allows you to know what assets you are acquiring as well as any liabilities you may face once you have concluded the transaction. While some of this information is public, researching and analysing it can be very time-consuming and requires advanced data analysis skills. Also, knowledge of the IP assets of the organization you are acquiring will give you an advantage during the negotiation process.

How ClearViewIP assists with the IP issues that often arise during mergers and acquisitions

We provide an independent assessment for investors on technical, IP and business strengths of potential technology company investments. We give you a detailed list of all the registered patents, trademarks, copyrights and any other soft IP-related assets of the company you are looking to invest in or acquire. We can also provide information on defects, gaps and likely issues that could emerge post-transaction.  Our extensive experience of developing and managing new technology businesses enables us to assess the value of the intellectual assets of the business, the competitive landscape, and the management team. Equally, we can advise companies how best to prepare for further funding, ensuring that their intellectual assets are leveraged, the value proposition is well understood, and the business plan is independently reviewed with a strong IP story to increase sale price and sail through DD.

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