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License Management

IP Licensing Management

Royalties, licensing and cross-licensing agreements create opportunities to generate revenue from your patents or grant you access to patents outside your portfolio that benefit your business. To ensure the most favorable outcomes, these agreements need to be negotiated and managed to improve your returns or reduce the fees you are paying for licenses. Understanding the value your assets bring to your licensees or the value you gain from licensing an asset is integral.

How ClearViewIP helps you manage your IP licenses

What is your IP at a market-level? ClearViewIP provides the research and perspective to create a reasonable and defensible understanding of the value of your assets.  Our staff is very experienced with negotiating licensing agreements and is well positioned to assist you in this process.

  • Understand the Market Landscape of the Intangible Asset – ClearViewIP will assess the IP and Market Landscape to understand the positioning of the technology or patents, and then develop the value proposition based on the benefits of a license.
  • Build Financial Models – We create custom, dynamic financial models to quantitatively assess the merits of the value of the intangible assets, including the expected revenue licensing the IP could generate, and enable you to use the models as a tool in licensing negotiations.
  • Assist Negotiations – Finally, acting as an independent third-party or as part of your team, we can prepare and conduct negotiations and close deals.


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