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Utilize intellectual property research and analytics to make informed decisions around innovation planning and product commercialization

Our team of analysts and consultants are adept at understanding client goals and expectations and providing in-depth reports that incorporate patent research, data mining, analysis, valuation, and strategic planning. ClearViewIP’s intellectual property research and analytics reports have been employed by companies of various sizes ranging from tech start-ups to large multinational corporations from a wide array of industries. We are skilled in many analytical techniques, as well as manually reviewing patents. Since our inception in 2007, we’ve methodically reviewed over 350,000+ patents and have amassed a depth of knowledge and experience that has helped our clients harness the full power of their IP portfolios.

The value of IP research and analytics

What you don’t know can seriously impact your bottom line. You need to have a complete view of the IP landscape you’re working within so you can make patent decisions that improve your position within the market and increase the value you get from your IP portfolio. From a competitive standpoint, when you understand the key players in your field, the strengths and weaknesses of their IP position, how they use their portfolio, and the direction they’re most likely going to take based on the patents they’re filing, you are in a much better position to define your own IP strategy, whether that is offensive or defensive. Our research can also help you better understand the IP risks associated with a new product or to demonstrate the value of your IP portfolio within the landscape.

What ClearViewIP delivers

At ClearViewIP, we utilize our own proprietary analytical techniques to ensure our customers are provided with valuable insights far above the industry average. We’re not lawyers, we’re business analysts with a deep knowledge of IP and all the factors that go into successfully managing and leveraging your IP portfolio. Our detailed reports provide you with the information you need to understand the current and future business landscape you’re working within and can form the basis of a detailed strategy to move forward.

Our team of experts has been strategically hired from various fields and domains to ensure we competently cover the various industries we serve. We employ research analysts with highly-advanced science and engineering degrees and real-world business experience. Many of them are named as inventors on patents of their own and fully understand the client’s perspective in regards to IP strategy. Because of our focus on long-term business goals, we’re ideally suited to provide both the research and strategic analysis you need to take full control of your IP Portfolio.

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