Identify and avoid threats to your IP from outside risks

IP Risk Management & Freedom to Operate

Fully understand the likelihood of IP-related threats to your business and employ detailed strategies to avoid or manage future risks

The boards of companies expect their IP teams to identify, manage, and mitigate IP risks potentially faced by a company the same as disaster recovery, cybercrime and foreign exchange fluctuation. An IP risk management and mitigation strategy positions you to avoid negative consequences and threats from outside risks. Knowing all the hurdles you may face will prepare you with the right defence strategies to keep your organization thriving and ahead of your competition. For all companies, the royalty load or the royalties received is an important figure that bears directly on profit. Management and predictability are vital to reaching accurate product pricing and financial viability.

Benefits of an IP risk management and mitigation strategy

Unmanaged IP risk can have a substantial impact on your business, resulting in the loss of your freedom to operate, the removal of your products from the market or enforcement of royalty demands your company is not prepared to pay. Businesses who employ a risk management and mitigation strategy for their IP better position themselves to avoid expensive litigation and arm themselves with competitor and market knowledge that helps them stay ahead of their rivals.

IP defence strategy

ClearViewIP has a proven defence strategy:

  • Phase 1: Identify and establish your IP Ownership
    This includes a portfolio review to identify the key features, products, and services necessary to your IP plan. We complete an IP audit giving you a full inventory of your IP assets. By systematically identifying potential gaps in IP protection, ownership, conditions-of-use, overall risks and a host of other IP management issues, we help you establish a full picture of your IP strengths and pinpoint areas where you may be vulnerable.
  • Phase 2: Prepare a defence against potential incoming threats
    This focuses on outside threats and possible concerns. We help you establish an active process for identifying potential incoming threats and help prepare you for any litigation risks from other organizations or non-practicing entities (NPEs). We provide you with a full picture of the competitors, their IP strength, their business revenues, and market position. To help you address incoming threats, we arm you with thorough prior art searches and industry IP analyses to help you identify, and when necessary purchase patents. This provides you with a deterrent to dissuade competitors from suing you and positions you as a more powerful player within your market.
  • Phase 3: Use your patent portfolio to create obstacles for your competition
    Once you’ve identified and acquired your defensive patent portfolio, you need to strategically manage it and protect yourself from litigation by obtaining the patents you need to be ahead of specific competitors. This enables you to focus on the future of your IP portfolio and what your competition could come up with to upend your success. Based on research and insight, ClearViewIP helps you predict where a competitor’s product might develop and isolates difficult-to-avoid elements you can patent to make moving forward more difficult for your competitors. The resulting patents create a disruptive path and increase competitors costs and product complexity.

What you can expect from ClearViewIP

Creating a defensive IP portfolio through acquisition may seem simple enough, but its execution is complex and requires extensive market analysis and negotiation skills to ensure the right patents are acquired and are purchased at a favourable price. To do this, we use our market and IP intelligence to help you identify which competitors are in the position to be aggressors and then we employ a series of proprietary search algorithms designed and refined to generate a list of potential patents that would have the greatest impact on their business. Our team of analysts conduct skilled readings of the list of identified patents and narrow in on where you should focus your attention. We help you through the patent identification and purchase process and often assist as an anonymous buyer on your behalf.

ClearViewIP has a proven track record for helping clients manage and mitigate risk. Our integrated defence strategy has been instrumental in helping our clients identify IP-related risks and implement proactive strategies to mitigate those risks. We help you fully understand the likelihood of any IP related threats to your business and any associated consequences you may face.

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