Improve the effectiveness and profitability of your IP portfolio

IP Strategy & Operating Plan Development

Build a comprehensive IP strategy your board will engage with and an IP operating plan your team can implement effectively

Launching a successful product is more complicated than developing cutting-edge technology, creating a smart design, and implementing an impactful marketing strategy. You need to proactively identify your IP and know when, where, and how to protect it. You need to be aware of the various forms of IP at your disposal including patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, and trade secrets. You also need to know how to use and protect them in a cost-effective way. Additionally, you need a clear read on the IP risks of entering a new market and the factors that may limit your freedom to operate.

For established organizations, it’s important to align your IP and R&D strategies with your overall business and market strategy to ensure you’re focusing on your best ROI opportunities. Having a thorough understanding of your IP portfolio, as well as the competitive landscape and IP risk you’re facing, can improve the effectiveness and profitability of your business.

How you benefit from an IP strategy & operating plan

Patents may be your best course of action to protect your invention, but the entire process can be very time-consuming and expensive. It’s important to be strategic. You need to understand your company’s overall business objectives and align them with a number of key aspects including:

  • Financial
  • Marketing
  • R&D
  • Organisational
  • Environmental
  • Human
  • Legal

These factors interact to create tensions and trade-offs in the corporate decision-making process. The diversity and complexity of these factors make it essential for the IP strategy to be well aligned to your overall business strategy. Having an established filing strategy helps you manage expenses by clearly defining which key inventions and trademarks should receive the most attention so you can avoid potentially unnecessary costs associated with filings of lesser value to your company for example.

What ClearViewIP delivers

To help you implement the most effective IP strategy for your business, we first learn about your organization and your long-term business objectives. We discuss where the IP value is being created in your business, what’s special about this, and also the market, the competitive and legal landscape in which you operate or plan to operate. Given your business objectives, we help you identify the commercially pragmatic strategies you can deploy and collate these into an IP Strategy presentation you can use to seek buy-in from key influencers and assist in your implementation planning.

Our analysts are dedicated to providing the most effective strategic approach to IP management and will support the IP Strategy development through targeted research and analytics. We never lose sight of your business objectives and your IP budget and keep our focus on delivering value. What you gain is a thorough understanding of your position, your competition, your risks, and what directions you should take with your IP portfolio.

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