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Understand the value of your IP

Placing a Value on your Intellectual Property

Whether you're seeking funding, planning a merger or a joint venture, or considering licensing or selling your IP, having a comprehensive understanding of the value of your IP is very important. How you go about that is not a simple process and depends on the context in which the IP will be used. For example, a patent may be worth a lot to a company if it blocks its main rival from entering a new market, but may not be so valuable to a business with an established and large portfolio in this field. Or a patent could be very valuable if it could be used to retaliate against a company who has just started legal proceedings for patent infringement. There are various ways to estimate the value of a patent portfolio (cost, market, and income) and there are outside influences (industry, regulation, competition) that affect the value of IP. This estimate is highly beneficial in helping form strategic business decisions.

When you should seek an IP valuation

  • When you are looking to licence or sell your IP
  • When you are part of a joint venture
  • When you are seeking funding from investors or banks
  • When you are seeking IP-based tax relief

How ClearViewIP helps you with IP valuation

ClearViewIP employs several Certified Patent Valuation Analysts and while not an accountancy firm, we can provide “real life” valuation based on our overall market knowledge. Through our own data, access to leading sources of previous transactions, and the experience of our team, ClearViewIP’s valuation model is based on justifiable assumptions and multiple market development scenarios, giving our clients a reliable valuation range. Based on recognized IP valuation principles, we apply appropriate methodologies to provide objective views on the value, robustness and market attractiveness of an IP portfolio or technology. Our approach is to consider a variety of valuation methods to arrive at a justifiable and evidenced-based valuation. More information on ClearViewIP's valuation models

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