Patent Assertion & NPE Defence

Patent Assertion & NPE Defence

Uncover potential litigation risks and prepare defensive strategies before you’re approached by an NPE

Identify, assess, and qualify potential litigation risks you may face

Non-practicing entities (NPE) and patent assertion entities (PAE) could pose a threat to your business, and being prepared will be your best defence. You want to be proactive and have a strategy in place to ensure you are prepared if ever faced with litigation in regards the technology you are using and your rights to use it.

How to best avoid patent infringement

Establishing a patent assertion and NPE defence program will help prepare you in case you are ever faced with an infringement claim. The last thing you would want is to have your business continuity disrupted or to have to pay an NPE a large licensing fee because you weren’t fully aware of potential patent violations.

How ClearViewIP helps you remain on the defensive

The first thing we do is help you better understand your overall risk by developing an external view of your business and provide you with a statistical risk assessment report. From there, we help you qualify your risk by looking at your existing risk mitigation strategies, commercial litigation factors, and provide you with a detailed risk assessment report including negotiation arguments. We then prepare you for defense by leveraging your existing internal portfolio and help you build your prior art library. We then provide support with the engagement and negotiation process.

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