Strategic planning and due diligence leads to better returns when selling patents

IP Brokerage

Patent brokerage ensures you get the best price for your patents

Patent sales allow owners to recover R&D investment, as well as patent filing and maintenance fees, on patents that are no longer relevant to the business. Selling patents has become integral to portfolio management and a recognized way to generate capital for companies.  Our experienced brokerage team assists patent owners in monetizing their IP through the sale of patents. ClearViewIP has a successful track record and shares the risk and reward with its brokerage clients through a commission-based compensation framework.

ClearViewIP works alongside patent owners through the whole patent transaction process and is familiar with specific requirements of a range of IP owners, from the individual inventor who spent significant personal resources developing an invention to large corporations who need to divest portfolios following a major reorganization.

Benefits from patent brokerage

Generally, patent owners prefer to engage a reputable patent broker for the following reasons:

  • The seller may not have access to potential buyers or buyers’ brokers and is unlikely to be aware of buyers’ acquisition needs
  • The seller may not have the resources or skills to develop strong marketing materials
  • The seller may not have a clear view of the value of its IP
  • The seller may have a large portfolio and require assistance to find suitable groups of patents to sell

What ClearViewIP delivers

ClearViewIP employs a clear and transparent five-stage patent transaction process:

  • Engagement: initial qualitative evaluation and confirmation of the list of patents and assets available for sale
  • Development of Commercial Strategy: commercial patent clustering, identification of potential buyers, development of pricing strategy and marketing pack including Evidence-of-Use documents
  • Execution of Commercial Strategy: contact potential buyers, report progress and provide support and advice during price negotiation
  • Transaction Support: commercial support during contractual negotiations
  • Close: logistical support during the buyer’s due diligence and closing period

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