Evaluate and maximise the value of your portfolio

Portfolio Evaluation & Optimisation

Monitor, maintain and strengthen the value of your IP portfolio

For highly innovative companies, a patent portfolio is an important strategic investment that requires continuous maintenance. A well-planned patent portfolio helps you position yourself in your industry, avoid costly litigation, and protect the future of your innovations. To monitor and maximize the value of your portfolio, you need to have a detailed understanding of what you own, where you can get the most value from what you own, and what you may need to develop or purchase in order to strengthen your patent portfolio. Every patent portfolio cost can be traced back to a tacit or explicit renewal or prosecution decision, but it is difficult to make these systematic decisions and most organizations lack the bandwidth to do so in a timely manner.

How you benefit from a portfolio evaluation and optimisation strategy

It’s important that you have an understanding of the technologies within your IP portfolio and how they are connected. An evaluation and optimization strategy allows you to position yourself strategically within your market and against your competition. Every patent you maintain should serve a purpose and be aligned with the long-term business objectives of your organization. An effective portfolio optimization strategy ensures you:

  • maintain all assets, and clusters, that have commercialization potential
  • preserve counter-assertion capability in respect of groups of companies/sectors perceived as potential risks
  • ensure defensive deterrent is not just a veneer but has as much substance as the portfolio allows
  • reduce the portfolio cost without compromising its value

How ClearViewIP assists you in evaluating and optimizing your IP portfolio

Our analysts are highly skilled at reviewing patents and have both the knowledge and experience to help you strengthen your IP portfolio. You will be provided with a detailed report outlining the strengths, reach and influence for your existing IP. A market analysis and competitive analysis is conducted to better identify where your IP Portfolio is positioned within your industry and provides defense against your competitors. Our analysts are able to look closely at what your competition has filed to provide you with insights into what you may need to develop or purchase to thwart potential threats. We conduct structured workshops and provide expert insights. ClearViewIP provides an integrated, disciplined and timely process that will:

  • minimise extension fees, only those that are essential for specific reasons
  • avoid cases being dropped / preserved in error
  • prevent cost snowballing effects
  • achieve budget predictability and control

On average, our clients have been able to achieve over 35% cost savings in their IP portfolio maintenance costs through our systematic review of their portfolios. They’ve also achieved other significant benefits by identifying strategic clusters for monetisation opportunities and increased portfolio alignment with their broader business strategy.


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