Jos Riley



As an analyst, Jos is involved in providing ClearViewIP’s comprehensive range of services to high-tech markets. He covers a broad range of IP strategies, including patent data analysis, competitor assessment, infringement analysis, client portfolio management, and innovation capture.

Prior to joining ClearViewIP, Jos worked at TRIUMF, Vancouver where he was jointly responsible for the construction and commissioning of the Electromagnetic Mass Analyzer (EMMA) recoil separator. During the project, he developed numerous technical, analytical and programming skills invaluable to understanding the wide range of patent technologies ClearViewIP analyses on a day-to-day basis.

Jos graduated from the University of York with a first-class masters degree in Physics with Astrophysics, initiating development into new patentable particle detector technology. He then went on to successfully defend his Nuclear Physics Ph.D. thesis on energy levels in Ne and their impact on the observation of cosmic gamma-rays. During his studies, Jos presented his work at the NPA, NiC and other JINA international conferences, has been lead author on a paper summarising his thesis results and has co-authored several other academic publications.

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