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Rui has been with ClearViewIP since 2013. She is an experienced IP consultant having worked for clients across the full range of ClearViewIP’s consultancy services including technology scouting, patent acquisition, IP commercialisation and standard-essentiality assessments in the telecom sector. Her responsibilities include patent research and assessment such as patent mining, standards relevance, and infringement analysis in areas across a wide range of high-tech sectors. Rui has worked regularly in both telecom and wearable tech.

Prior to joining ClearViewIP, Rui spent three Years in a postdoc role at Brunel University as a research fellow and local technical manager. During her post-doc appointment, she undertook a smart grid project funded through the European Commission’s Seventh Framework program where she was responsible for developing and implementing machine learning algorithms for power system asset management. In the project, she acquired skills and knowledge in signal processing, pattern recognition and predictive estimation.

Rui’s cross-disciplinary knowledge and detailed due diligence make her especially skilled in identifying high-value patents. Her advanced understanding of technology trends, and her ability to spot potential IP leveraging opportunities are essential in both patent acquisition and IP commercialisation projects. In one case, in an IP mining project for a client wanting to acquire patents applicable to mobile terminals she successfully identified a valuable portfolio subsequently leading to the acquisition by the client for a seven-figure sum. She is also skilled in developing quality evidence-of-use materials not only based on technology relevance, but also the potential financial impact which helps clients build compelling arguments for IP commercialisation strategies.

Rui has a PhD in Optimisation Techniques in Telecommunication from Queen Mary University of London and wrote her thesis on Distributed Power Control Algorithms for Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks. She has an MSc in Radio Frequency Communication Systems from the University of Southampton. A native of China, Rui has a BEng in Control Systems Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology where she was awarded ‘Distinguished Graduate of Beijing Institute of Technology 2003’ and ‘Distinguished Graduate of Beijing 2003’.

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