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Tim is an experienced IP consultant having worked with IP in a variety of technology areas such as AI, video analysis, Gaming, Telematics, Photography/Cameras, Smartphones, and Telecoms. He is experienced in applying his analytical skills to identify key information and trends to inform a client’s IP strategy.

Tim’s IP experience includes many aspects of IP strategy, such as mining patents (both from databases or a company’s own portfolio) relevant to key product features for purchase/sale/licensing, claim charting patents against target products with a view to either licensing or assessing sale/purchase potential, and competitor assessment and portfolio analysis in order to identify key assets or competitors in the market. He has expertise in managing early-stage innovation by identifying new innovation, prior art searching and pursuing through to invention disclosure stage. Additionally, he has a large amount of experience looking at companies and patents in the NPE sector and monitoring their development. He has also worked on assisting with portfolio management at the abandonment/renewals stage to help with strategic cost management

Through his experience with the IP of key underlying technologies in each tech sector, Tim is knowledgeable in determining the relevance of IP to products and the prospective future value of IP with regards to upcoming features in the next generation of the products. Examples include: streaming and data transmission (e.g. live updates on a tracked entity, enabling real-time alerts for high-security applications), application-specific hardware (e.g. camera hardware and in-vehicle data transmission hardware), analysis software for monitoring and alerting based on sensor data, such as intrusion alerts from surveillance cameras, or alerts based on vehicle data in telematics.

Tim has a PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Portsmouth and wrote his thesis on the abundance of High Stellar Mass Galaxies in the early Universe, and an MSci in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Bristol. Tim has co-authored 3 astrophysics papers in leading academic journals. He also publishes regular IP news write-ups on the ClearviewIP website.

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